How I got a non-tech, full-time job in crypto with zero experience

These tips helped me a lot and I‘m sure they will help you too

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I’m a digital marketer, and although I consider myself pretty good at what I do, believe me when I tell you that I’m no genius at all.

I’m also a naturally curious person, and I get bored very quickly. That is why, after 5 years at my old job, I wanted a change of pace.

Don’t get me wrong, though. It was a great job. The work environment was great, and I got along with my co-workers. I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

At the same time, I was considering a career change, I developed a strong interest in cryptocurrency. Not because of the speculative component, but the tremendous growth the industry was seeing and the solutions it was providing to decades-long problems.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, though. Money was also tempting, but not the main driver of my decision.

The more I read about it, the more convinced I was that crypto is the future.

Working in building the foundations of — what I believe — is going to be the financial system of the next era was extremely exciting. So I decided to dive in.

Luckily, within only a couple of months of searching, I found a job. Here’s how I did it.

Crypto is a community-driven industry

Even though we’ve seen hyperbolic growth in popularity, the crypto ecosystem is still a tiny niche on a global scale. Lots of people have heard about it, but not many are actively joining it. Let alone understand it. You’ll see me coming back to this because it’s really that important.

Adoption and participation growth are critical for crypto to become mainstream, which is why the environment is extremely welcoming to newcomers. Most crypto projects focus a lot of their efforts and resources on community building.

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Crypto people are incredibly loyal to projects, tokens, and each other. It also works the other way around. Liars and hypocritical people are often condemned. If someone is caught shilling scams for their own benefit, it’s doubtful that the community will ever forgive them.

If you want to get into the industry, the first thing you should do is dive deep into its community. Learn how it works, what people love and hate, and act accordingly. Do some networking. Join the debate and engage in as many conversations as you can. You’ll quickly find that you can learn a little bit from everyone.

Use the itch of your curiosity to help others

Crypto is amazingly vast. Finance, art, gaming, social media. You name it; crypto has it.

Complexity can be overwhelming for some people. Sometimes, it can even make them abandon a project before even starting it.

As you dwell into the depths of this enormous ecosystem, you’ll find things that interest you more and things that you couldn’t care less about.

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Here’s what to do about it: As soon as you find out what you like, start researching it. Learn the most you can about it. And when you feel confident enough, help other people — who may not be as comfortable as you — get started with it.

As you can imagine, I like writing. So when I started learning about DeFi, I wrote a couple of articles about it on a blogging platform. My articles weren’t a masterpiece nor something unique that hadn’t been said before, but I thought to myself:

“If it helps at least one undecided person to take a step forward and try it, then it’s worth it.”

The first job I got in crypto was offered to me by a complete stranger on LinkedIn. He had developed a cryptocurrency price tracker app and wanted to kick off some content marketing to get it out there. He had read my articles and liked them, so he offered me the position straight from nowhere.

If you want employers to notice you, pick a topic that interests you and provide value to others interested in it. Because crypto is a community-driven industry, the more value you provide to the community, the more employers will want their company or brand to have you on board.

Don’t let lack of experience slow you down

When I started working in crypto full-time, I was shocked by the number of people who know little to no crypto at all. Of course, some background is always a plus, but not a requirement in most cases. That provides a fantastic opportunity for fast learners and enthusiasts.

There was another sector I was interested in besides crypto: sports marketing. It was actually my first choice. But you can imagine my frustration when applicants for a “junior” position had over 10 years of experience. Crypto, on the other hand, showed me a very different path.

Think about it this way: Bitcoin went live in 2009, which means that the most experienced person in crypto in the whole world won’t have more than 12 years of experience. Furthermore, data shows that Bitcoin didn’t reach 100,000 active addresses until 2013. Those 100,000 people would have 8 years of experience. And we’re still talking about very early adopters here.

Crypto had its first major popularity jump in 2017, after BTC reached a $20,000 all-time high. That means that most people people in the space have as low as 4 years of experience at most.

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So if you haven’t been in crypto that long, even if you just got in less than a year ago, don’t be discouraged. You’d still know more about the industry than 99% of the world’s population.

It’s essential that you keep studying, learning, and thinking of ways to apply what you do know — whatever that is — to the crypto industry.

Remember what I’ve been saying: crypto is a… exactly. A community-driven industry. And in most non-tech crypto jobs — like marketing or sales — , capturing non-crypto-savvy audiences’ attention is a highly demanded skill.

Get out of LinkedIn

I know. I’ve told you that I got offered my first crypto job through LinkedIn, but that’s just because that’s where they found me. Truth is, I find LinkedIn to be one of the most ineffective platforms to find a crypto job — or any kind of job, for that matter.

LinkedIn has become too mainstream, and there’s just too much noise to distinguish a clear signal. I’ve seen job offers on LinkedIn with more than 10,000 applications. Even with automatic filters, how do you handle that much volume?

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Crypto is still a niche. As such, it has dedicated job platforms that work like a charm. I applied to over 200 positions on LinkedIn, and I didn’t get a single response.

When I tried crypto-specific job websites, I started having 3 to 5 interviews a week using exactly the same resume.

Here are some of my favorite crypto job platforms:

Try them, and if you get an interview, you can come back here and thank me in the comments!

No matter what, keep trying

When I focused specifically on the crypto industry, I started getting a lot of interviews. However, it still took me a couple of months to receive a formal job offer.

Don’t worry about it. Most times, it isn’t even about you. The crypto industry is just like the market: things can go to hell and back in less than a day.

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That company you thought your interview went great with may have changed their roadmap and canceled the job position. And that other one that didn’t call you back may get in touch some months later to tell you that they have an opening you’d be great for. Both things happened to me.

This is crypto. Anything can happen. So don’t give up and keep pushing. Just remember:

  • Engage with the community as much as you can. Join the conversation.
  • Provide value to the people who need it the most. Help others.
  • Never stop learning and thinking of ways to apply your knowledge to the crypto industry.
  • Look into crypto-specific job platforms for better opportunities.

That’s all there is to it, really. That’s what I did and, without being an expert or having any specific knowledge nobody else has, I got a couple of offers and a job in the crypto industry I’m happy with.

I hope this works for you as well as it did with me and you find what you’re looking for. I’m rooting for you!

Did you like this story?

I’m glad you did! My name is Santi. I’m a marketing professional and independent writer. I enjoy and write about video games, cryptocurrency, and pop culture. If you’d like to read more content like this, consider following me on Medium and Twitter. I’d really appreciate it!




Sharing my experiences on building passive income with cryptocurrency. Reach me on Telegram: @SantiagoSchw.

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Sharing my experiences on building passive income with cryptocurrency. Reach me on Telegram: @SantiagoSchw.

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